I am the voice of the West.  OK, maybe not.  But a native California having lived both in Northern and Southern California and I love them both… unless I am talking with my friends in Northern California then I don’t understand how anyone can live in LA or Orange County or San Diego.  Fiat Lux is Latin for “Let There Be Light.”  It means open your eyes to knowledge and shed light on it.  I believe life is meant to be lived.  The Greeks had a word for this “Arete.”   And most importantly, GO BEARS!!!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ken,
    It was great meeting you on Saturday at the end of the game in Section I with my wife Allison. I am a third generation Bear, bleed blue and gold and have greatly appreciated your work over the years – especially adding lyrics to the SC song. Your speech to the team was great and I love the pre-game Bear Territory idea. Have a great time in Austin and I look forward to our next Cal conversation.

    Go Bears!!
    Greg McAdam

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