You Know It! You Tell the Story! You Tell the WHOLE DAMN WORLD THIS IS BEAR TERRITORY!

Cal fans, this is it! The season is here and if you’re anything like me you are exploding with excitement…

I was lucky to get to address the team after their practice last Sunday. Click on the video at the top.  The thrust of the talk is that every once in a while – and they don’t happen often – you reach an inflection point in life where you can make the future happen NOW. But you have to be willing to both recognize it and then to go for  it.  It’s called grabbing the brass ring.

Too often in the past, for whatever reason, Cal has not grabbed the brass ring.  I feel this team is ready to do it.  From our reinvigorated defense with among others  Stefan McClureMike Barton and Jalen Jefferson, to our reconstituted offensive line, and of course the many play makers on offense with Goff, Lawler, Treggs, Lasco and everyone else….When I talk to players on this team just in general, I get these sense they know this season can be special.  But when I talked with them as a group on Sunday, I could see in their eyes that they KNOW the future is about them.  Their concentration while I was talking was intense, and as you see at the end, when i told  them they couldn’t sing a song or do a cheer sitting down, up with GUSTO they got to their feet and you see what they did.

And then the Coaches… I’m loving these guys… Sonny is having the players connect with the Cal community in a way we have not seen in years.  The players sing the fight song with fans after games! It’s there in the locker room for  them to see everyday and I know they are READY to sing it with us tomorrow!

The last time I saw this was in 1990 and 1991… That 1991 team by the way remains the last team to win a bowl game on New Years Day and is  the highest ranking team of the last 8 decades.  I  told these guys, and  I believe it, that can be better!

A lot of Cal fans get weighed down in history… I told this team that history is not ON their back it is AT their back… There are decades of Cal fans, you can hear the echos in the corners of the stadium, that every play are at the players’ back.  When they’re on a goal line stand, it’s those Cal fans that have  got their back… on  a deep pass play it’s that Cal history that will be at their back to get them just a little  farther and faster down the field…  As fans, as a program and as the  embodiment of the spirit of Cal we can’t be on  their back, collectively we will be at their back.  They will feel this.

So here is a call out to ALL CAL FANS!!!  Especially Students… We are going to bring back  an old  tradition… We are going to let every foe that comes into Memorial KNOW that they are in Bear Territory!!  So when the team takes the field for kickoff, they want – NO THEY EXPECT – to hear all of us chanting Bear  Territory. The Micmen will start and we want to hear it LOUD and with AUTHORITY.

I have exactly zero doubt this team can have  a phenomenal year.  12-0  is what I am thinking.  But it has to be one game at a time and  it all starts this Saturday!  ARE YOU IN WITH ME?  DO YOU BELIEVE!!!


3 thoughts on “You Know It! You Tell the Story! You Tell the WHOLE DAMN WORLD THIS IS BEAR TERRITORY!

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