Cal 2013 Football Season 2.0 Starts Saturday! Hop on Board and Enjoy!

Memorial Stadium Sunset

To paraphrase the immortal words of former Arizona Cardinals coach Denny Green, the California Golden Bears are who we knew we would be!  The second youngest team in America playing the toughest schedule in college football, front loaded with three of their first four games against ranked opponents, 2 of those against opponents in the top 5.  Throw in a new coaching staff, new scheme and a bunch of injuries to an already young and thin defense and… well while all of us hoped for great things, most of us thought the team would be 1-3 at this point.  

I’ve been saying since game 1, this is going to be a great year.  Not necessarily for the results on the field but because of what we’re witnessing.  I honestly believe we’re at the start of something big.  There are times in life when you know what you’re experiencing now is the set up for something greater that will be made ever more sweeter because of what you went through to get there.  I think back to Oakland A’s in 1980.  Not far removed from winning three straight World Series, they had become the laughing stock of baseball.  In 1979 drawing fewer than 300,000 fans… FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON.  But then the Haas family – Cal’s very own – bought them and in 1980 the start of something great happened.  My best friends and I went to probably 70 games that year and even tho the A’s barely finished .500 it was as exciting a year as I can remember.  And we even got to see Ricky Henderson excel in his rookie year – honest that’s Rickey’s smile!!!  And the following year the A’s would roar to success!

Ricky Henderson 1980

But back to this Cal team… I love these players on the team.  Nick Forbes has been selected to the AllState AFCA Good Works Team.  You can go that link and vote for him EVERY DAY!

As this video shows, Mark Brazinksi defines brawn and brain and has already graduated with a double degree or something that I didn’t even know existed…

You go up and down the roster and these are players you can be proud of to be Cal student athletes.  Get out there and meet them, you’ll love them.

We have, for what seems the first time in a few years, a fun offense to watch!

We have coaches that not only want to be coaching at Cal, they want to be part of the community in Berkeley!  Tony Franklin embraces the diversity of Berkeley and lives downtown in a loft!  Head Coach Sonny Dykes lives in Oakland and has embraced the history of Cal football, the fans and has opened practices to anyone who wants to come!

Yeah yeah yeah you say, but we’re 1-3.  And I say who cares.  Seriously, who frickin’ care.  Yeah, winning is more fun than losing, but this year is about the journey.  Are you having fun at the games?  Are you liking – flaws and all – what you’re seeing?  Do you like the trick plays?  The dramatically improved special teams?  Witnessing a young quarterback develop right in front of you? Do you feel good about the development of the young players (which is to basically say all of the players)?  You just have to.  If you don’t, folks, you’re wasting your time.  Go follow the pros.

Wazzu is the start of Season 2.0.  So here’s what I propose.  Fill the place for Washington State.  I want to see the student section filled early.  That really is a challenge.  Do you believe in college athletics? Do you believe that these guys are your fellow students, classmates, dormmates, friends, etc.  They represent Cal great and deserve your support through thick and through thin.  And yep, right now it’s a little thin.  But this is going to be a great game.  It will be fun. Watch these young guys develop before your eyes.  Wazzu is the start of the season 2.0.  Not only will you watch these young guys develop, but when we’re challenging for a title in the coming years you’ll be able to say “I was there when…”

So this post ends with a simple question.  Are you a Golden Bear through and through?  Will you be there Saturday?  Will you be like 60,000 Nams???  Let’s make it happen.  GO BEARS!!!

3 thoughts on “Cal 2013 Football Season 2.0 Starts Saturday! Hop on Board and Enjoy!

  1. Unfortunately, I was in Waco, watching my other Bears blow up W. Virginia. Would have easily traded that for a win in Memorial Stadium yesterday!

    Yet another terrific post Ken. Thanks for helping me not get too down about the results yesterday. The future will be bright! Go Bears!!

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